Snow Blind



I took this photo with my Samsung NX 300 with my Canon 50mm f/1.2 rangefinder lens mounted on it. I had the lens opened up all the way (i.e., at f/1.2), and I set it at its minimum focusing distance. I then tried different shutter speeds until I got this image. (Well: I tried a bit beyond this image, too.) The snow was coming down hard, and I captured some snowflakes crisply. Everything else is a blur.

You can compare this shot to my prior photo. The camera was in the same location for both shots. (I had it mounted on a tripod.) In the prior shot, I focused on a branch about twelve feet away.




This is Biscuit, our Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He is not quite one year old. (His birthday is November 22.)

We got Biscuit after the death of our Persian cat, Winslow. Our daughter had long wanted a puppy, so Biscuit joined our family last January.

He is a very, very sweet boy. In fact, as I am typing this post, he is sitting quietly on my lap, his head resting in the crook of my right arm.

I took this photograph a few days ago with my Samsung NX300 and a Canon M39 (Leica thread mount) 50mm with a focal ratio of 1.2 (f/1.2). I bought the 50mm as an adjunct to my new-old Canon VT rangefinder–but I also wanted to see how the lens would work with the Samsung. The lighting wasn’t perfect for this shot, but I’m pleased with the rendering. Biscuit’s left eye is crisp, and the rest of the image drops off into very smooth bokeh.

We’ve enjoyed Biscuit so much that we’re getting a second Cavalier in about a month. He is Biscuit’s younger brother. Cavaliers are noted for having very sweet temperaments, so we’re looking forward to having another sweet little guy in the house!